Train The Trainers

This program will help the participants- To be effective trainers. To increase their confidence and ability to create and deliver powerful training programs. To develop their Training skills that will enable them to make a Positive Impression and Enhance their Professional Image. To gain Knowledge, Skills and Techniques to add Quality and Effectiveness in their training programs.

The center part of our Train the Trainer Courses is not simply to give inner trainers Presentation Training that connect and engage audiences, but to build up their capability and capacity to know needs and evaluate workshop effectively. This train the trainer program has empowered organizations to pick and select talented corporate trainers from inside. Apart from enhancing presentation skills of participants this training offers introduction on course outline, learning methodologies for engagement, participant evaluation and assessments of program. At The One Leap we know that corporate trainer training can be sometime more effective if it is delivered by a trainer within the enterprise. So, training trainers of the organization in the course material and presentation style could have significant ROI. Keeping this, we can customize our Train the Trainer Programs to meet to your organizational training style. Our Program has been designed to prepare participants with the knowledge and skills which is necessary to develop and implement high impact training programs.Train the Trainer Corporate Training provided by The One Leap helps participant to:

  • Learn how to develop the skills and competencies needed for a Trainer.
  • Learn to discover and develop, comfort and confidence in front of an audience.
  • Know the Understanding of Group Dynamics.
  • Learn the Handling Cynicism, Resistance and Fear.
  • Learn how to creating an effective Training Program.
  • Develop Role Play Management Skills.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND TRAIN THE TRAINER SKILL TRAINING? Participants who are aspiring trainers/facilitators and are good with developing group presentations, leading and heading group discussions, replying questions and best in designing power point.

Introduction and overview

Learning and styles of learning:

  • Adult Vs Child learning
  • Adult learning stages
  • Motivators and barriers to learning

Training Needs Analysis

Design of training programs

  • Structuring training programs
  • The look and feel of the presentation
  • Presentation flow
  • Usage of animation

Development of Training Material:

  • Understanding the audience
  • Structure of delivery
  • Mediums of delivery
  • Methods of evaluation
  • Identification of Training Activities

Facilitation skills:

  • Roles that trainers play
  • Questioning skills
  • Group handling skills
  • Handling dysfunctional behaviour
  • Body language


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A coach is not like a trainer who imparts training on skills on how to run a race, a Coach is the one who encourages an athlete to win the race and “champion the gold medal” – not just be in the race.